Advanced Offerings

Exploring the Veda

Exploring the Veda 1: Must be taken live in Philadelphia, NYC or through a private course so to witness live puja and receive an advanced technique.  

Exploring the Veda Parts 2-6: Available for Homestudy on an ongoing basis.  Email to set up a course.  

In this series, Thom Knoles expounds on Vedic knowledge to further contextualize the purpose of meditation in our lives writ large.  The series further amplifies and extends into everyday life the bliss of eyes-closed meditation so we can build lives more deeply aligned with cosmic purpose.  For those who enjoy Thom’s podcast and/or Mentor’s club, this is the next best step to grow one’s practice for an enriching and impactful life.    

Daily meditation purifies the physiology and upgrades the hardware of the body; Exploring the Veda operates like a software update for the mind—providing a Vedic framework to navigate life with greater flow in friction-filled, unpredictable world.  Listen, here, to Thom describe the course himself.  

Over 6 installments, students learn to:

  • correct mistakes of the intellect

  • manifest opportunities with nature’s support

  • understand evolution

  • deepen restfulness in meditation

  • live in alignment with nature

  • understand the mechanics of time

  • navigate love and relationships

  • mitigate universality within individuality

Advanced Techniques

For regular meditators practicing at least a year, a customized advanced technique is an excellent way to accelerate and reinvigorate one’s practice.  

Advanced techniques allow one to integrate the bliss, oneness and pure consciousness found in eyes closed practice more into everyday activity.  With an advanced practice, one can meditate up to 30 minutes, each session, which helps bring the bliss of meditation beyond one’s chair and out into the world.  

Those interested in an advanced technique make an hour long private appointment to witness puja (gratitude ceremony) and receive their technique.  Students are encouraged to come back for at least one day of the introductory course—to check their new technique—but are not required to.  

Students can expect greater stress release, increased sensory acuity, heightened clarity and deeper being and calm in activity as a result of advanced practice.

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